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Premier Community Development Corporation

Programs & Projects


The Premier Community Development Corporation (PCDC) located in Plainfield seeks to establish itself as a premier nonprofit developer and manager of service-enriched mix-income rental housing in central counties of New Jersey. Established in 2007 non-profit organization, PCDC serves primarily Union County, but have strong ties to Middlesex, Monmouth and Somerset counties in New Jersey.
The PCDC will continue its focus on growing and improving its development of new construction in urban neighborhoods during the next 10 year period. This Business Plan compliments the PCDC Strategic and Production Plan, which provides production and organizational development and establishes a fair market share of units for sale in its designated territories over the next three years.The PCDC will develop mixed-income housing developments via partnerships with local development companies. Strategically PCDC will partner with community neighborhoods to serve as the primary sponsor. In this role, community neighbors provide input regarding the needs of the community, project design, and access to land.
The PCDC plans to prioritize development project as they become available utilizing a mix of HOME funds, Community Development Block Grant and private funds as the primary financing vehicles. Three years from now the PCDC will be seen as a premier developer of mix-income housing in Central New Jersey. PCDC will look to have established a balance among the interests of productional service, professional management and sustainable revenues to retain talent to increase capacity.  
Premier Community Development Corporation (PCDC), a Community Development Corporation, was formed to improve the living conditions in the urban communities. This will be accomplished by: the building of mix-income housing, the rehabilitation of properties, and the promotion of economic growth in these communities. As a secondary effort, the PCDC will assist disadvantage and economically distressed people with job training and social programs.
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