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Premier CDC

The Premier Community Development Corporation focuses on the development and rehabilitation of quality housing for the improvement of family lives in urban communities. We provide employment skills training such as; Apprenticeship, Youth Computer Build, Youth Print-shop, Computer Literacy, and Financial Literacy. These are the programs we provide to instill family self sufficiency and economic opportunities for families. PCDC focuses on the City of Plainfield as its primary community, but also works in other urban communities.

To empower and promote the creation of working class housing and economic opportunities which will improve family lives in urban communities.

Executive Director - Georgette Barnes

Richmond Towers
Housing Authority - Boardroom
510 East Front Street  Plainfield NJ



Board Members

Randall Wood - Chairperson
Peter Briggs - Vice Chairperson
Hattie Williams - Board Member

George B Gore - Board Member

Kim Montford - Board Member

Louise Colodne - Board Member

Barry Person - Board Member

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