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Premier Community Development Corporation

Elmwood Gardens


Phase 1 - In Need of Teardown

The HAP in conjunction with its partner the PCDC sought the title for Elmwood Gardens "IN NEED OF TEARDOWN".  This designation would ensure that we could proceed through the next Phase 1 steps.  These next steps included a Marketability Study for the site and development of a "RELOCATION" plan for the current tenants.

Phase 2 - Environmental Approval

The HAP in conjuction with its partner the PCDC sought and acquired environmental approval for the Elmwood site.  The EPA and HUD both require remediation for the site and assurances that all environmental concerns have been met.  The original structure built in 1964 covered over an old storage tank which was removed and soil testing was done to ensure EPA compliance.

Phase 3

Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 6


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